You will be given an object from the Math for Machine Technology textbook. Using provided Isometric paper you are to sketch or draw the object at full scale.  You will be given three dimensions: length, width, height of the overall object (Sometime diameters).  You are to determine the other dimensions as you wish such that the object remains proportional. 

Add all dimensions to your drawing exactly as shown in the book image.  Dimension lines are thinner than object lines.  You can hand sketch the drawing VERY NEATLY or you can use your drafting tools. Have the drawing and dimensions approved before proceeding.  Be prepared to make your drawing several times. Do not add a border, however, include the standard Title block somewhere on the drawing.

Design the object in any 3D design program and 3D print the object.  Avoid printing a solid object so as to save printer filament.  Print in low resolution.


Object #1: Page 12, Figure 2-4
Length: 4″
Width: 3″
Height: 2″

December / January

Object #2: Page 60, Figure 10-7
Length: 4″
Width (thickness): 1/4″
Height: 2.5″

February / March

Object #3:  Page 445, Figure (Problem 25)
Length:  5″
Width (thickness): 4.5″  
Height:  6″
Add your initials to one side or edge.
Final print two if you want book ends.

April / May (All dimensions given in cm)

Object #4:  Page 525, Figure (Problem 5)
Top (Outside): 6 cm diameter  
Top (Center Hole): 4 cm diameter (extends through bottom)
Bottom Diameter:  10 cm diameter
Vertical Height: 8 cm

All three above holes have the same centerline.
Center hole goes completely through object.

Use your elipical template to make top and bottom hole openings. See me if you are not sure.

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