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“The online STEM program is a unique program for kids interested in perusing STEM. I like that it shows all aspects of STEM including the importance of having God involved. This program has a perfect mix of all things STEM, such as drafting, soft robotics, 3D printing, Virtual reality, machine learning, presentations, experiments, Christian apologetics, and research. I do appreciate this program. It gives pretty good instructions and most of the work is very interesting. I think it is a great program! ”  AR, 11th grade student

” I have enjoyed the Stem program and my time being a part of it for many reasons. I feel as though I have learned a new way of thinking through things. I have learned to work out difficult problems and troubleshoot until you find a solution. This is something I feel like I wouldn’t learn how to do without the Stem program. I have learned how to draft, code, responsibly fly drones, 3d print, and so much more that I can only learn from this program! I enjoy how hands-on it is and interactive the projects get. Something else I have learned is leadership. Through being one of the oldest as part of the program I have learned how to help out and take leadership roles. Whether it be in a class or helping with a competition I have learned how to keep things organized. Through our time we have always been surrounded by older successful people. This has taught us how to interact with them, how to speak to them in person and on phone calls, and how to answer questions they ask! ”  BB 11th grade student

“I like on-line STEM because it is hands-on. I personally learn better that way and it keeps me interested.  I enjoyed VR once I finally understood it. I learned basic programming of games and was able to edit them to how I liked. I learned many ways on how God wants us to use our money and handle that kinda thing. I think it’s very unique that we got to use silicone and make molds for our soft robotics projects.”  CA  10th grade student

“Everything useful I learned in school I learned in this STEM program.”  10 grader



“We are so grateful for MS Robotics STEM leadership. The kind of applied learning techniques and outreach provided by the MS Robotics team will be remembered for a life time. Like troubleshooting low voltage light circuits. We can teach theory all day, but the real learning is when a student can smell the smoke from a shorted wire and then have to apply their troubleshooting skills to correct the problem and finally make the light come on at the proper time. We need more activities like this. Learning methods have become autonomous with electronic toys that engage toddlers and then progress to think pads, electronic games, e-learning, electronic learning modules, etc. These technologies are great and are critical to our future, but we are missing the physical engagement and creativity. This program achieves just that!

 This programs is real, applied, and fun for everyone!”

 Gino Perkins
Nissan North America
Training Manager

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