Our Senior STEM Program

This program is a middle school and high school elective course.  It is designed as a college-prep course in technology, engineering, and practical math.  Any students that has an interest in science or engineering will greatly benefit from this course series.  There are six STEM courses in the Senior STEM series;  STEM I – STEM VI. A student starting at the beginning would start in the 7th grade and take each course in series.  Students starting for the first time, not in 7th, can start where they think they are prepared. These classes are one hour a school day with 3-5 hours of lab or hands-on work.

There are over 100 topics in the series. This series is the result of the author, Ray Holt, spending ten years of teaching STEM, Robotics, and Mechatronics in Mississippi. Each course and topic is included for a purpose. Educational organizations, industry, and parents have highly regarded this STEM series. 

For home school and private school this is considered a STEM elective. For public school this is a Technology elective.

Classes can be started at anytime.  Students can proceed at their own pace.

If you have groups of ten or more or entire classes, please request a special quote.

Example course lessons and topics can be viewed as a Guest login.

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There are three course enrollment options at this time. Introductory prices are below.

1. Local teacher/mentor/adult will work with the student and grade all assignments.  $25 per month/student for 12 months.

2. Mississippi STEM Academy staff will grade assignments and interact on-line with the student. No on-site visits.  $75 per month/student for 12 months.

3. Mississippi STEM Academy staff will perform part-time on-site teaching.  Custom hybrid quote.

Prices are fixed until May 2021.  Students that enroll and stay enrolled for the series will not have any price increases before graduation.

If you have any questions or wish to enroll please use the form below.

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