STEM I Computer Science – Digital Design

This topic will cover the basic introduction to digital (computer) design. It will cover number systems, binary arithmetic, digital logic, and digital gates. You will do paper designs and then build your design will real digital logic gates. Most of this class will be live lectures, however, some articles and videos will be required. This topic is generally called Computer Engineering and involves digital math designing and electronic digital components.  All concepts will be explained and reviewed with live lectures each month.  There will be homework assignments after each live lecture.  You will have one week to do the homework.

Number Systems – counting and representing items.


Watch these two introductory videos on Number Systems.
A 10 minute video on the “Introduction to Number System & Binary”.
A 6 minute video on the “Number System – Basic Concept”
A 4 minute video on Binary Logic AND, OR, NOT
There will be a live lecture covering and reviewing these concepts. You will also be assigned homework.


Lecture – Converting Between Number Bases


Lecture – Binary Arithmetic

Lecture – Binary Logic


Lecture – Binary Logic

Lecture – Digital Design


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