Mississippi STEM Academy has announced an on-line STEM class for 7th – 12th grade students. This is a series of six school year classes involving an introduction to electronics, computer engineering, computer science, 3D design and printing, hand and power tools, robotics, machine learning, artificial intelligence as well as ACT Math and Vocabulary prep. Math for manufacturing is stressed with monthly practical problems. Hands-on projects are assigned each semester.

The STEM course is an outgrowth from the Mechatronic / Automation Curriculum developed in cooperation with Nissan Corp and Mississippi Robotics. This is a high performing course, college-prep for engineering and science. This course is highly recommended by engineering colleges in Mississippi.

This on-line course is offered three ways:

1. $25 per month per student for 12 months. Student must have a local teacher/adult to grade all assignments.
2. $75 per month per student for 12 months. Mississippi STEM Academy will grade assignments and interact on-line with the student. No on-site visits.
3. Custom hybrid quote where Mississippi STEM Academy will work on-line as well as on-site with your students.

The prices are good for the 2020-21 School year and will increase the end of May 2021.
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